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nner Focus provides Ear Candling Sessions in North Vancouver BC. Clients are welcome from anywhere in Greater Vancouver. Ear Candling is a gentle, holistic method of removing toxins from the ear canal. The warmth and vacuum created from a lit, hollow candle placed gently in the ear draws the toxins into the candle.Ear Candling is a very relaxing process and is performed while you lay on your side with soft, gentle music playing in the background. A protective covering is placed around your ear to shield your face and hair from the flame of the candle.You are cared for during every moment of the process and you are never left unattended. Depending upon your particular situation, more than one candle per ear may be required in order to achieve the desired effect. Most often, only one candle for each ear is necessary. Many of my clients report an improvement in hearing after the Ear Candling process is complete and some have also reported relief from headaches, sinus problems and ringing in the ears.Ear Candling is not a new therapy. Dating back to the year 2500 B.C., there is evidence that people used (and were familiar with) the practice of Ear Candling. Ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, made reference to its use. Parchment scrolls discovered in the Orient have also described the procedure of Ear Candling.This therapeutic art may have been developed with the domestication of the honeybee. This is because beeswax was (and still is) a key component in making the hollow candles.
  The principal cloth used by ancient Egyptians was linen made from flax (the fibers of an annual blue-flowered plant). Today, as in past times, high-quality ear candles are handmade from beeswax and unbleached cotton cloths.

These specially fabricated candles are typically nine to twelve inches long and will burn for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. This simple and time-proven therapy may be effective in removing old and troublesome blockages from the ear without the use of solutions or probes. Many people are rediscovering the value of Ear Candling to cleanse the ear canal and sinus passages.
Ear Candling is not considered a medical procedure. It is simply a relaxation method and should never replace a consultation with your family physician. If you are experiencing any problems with your ears, please see your doctor first before booking an Ear Candling Session.