Inner Focus offers Reiki Sessions, Reiki Training and Environmental Cleansing (or Space Clearing) to clients located in West Vancouver, North Vancouver and all other communities of the Greater Vancouver region of BC.

Environmental Cleansing

The environment and the atmosphere we live in and work in can play a major role in our state of well-being. If the atmosphere we live in is one of positive energy, then we have a much better chance of feeling healthy, both physically and emotionally. Children growing up in a positive environment may be happier and healthier. If the atmosphere is one of negative energy, then we stand a greater chance of being unwell, both physically and emotionally. This is certainly not an ideal environment for children to grow up in.

In the workplace, we are much more productive and have more energy to accomplish our daily tasks when we are surrounded by positive vibrations and positive energy. While this is essential in all jobs, it is vital for staff to be upbeat and positive if they are dealing directly with the public. If the atmosphere is one of negative vibrations and negative energy, it will be much more difficult for staff to accomplish their daily tasks and deal with customers in a positive and professional manner.

Environmental Cleansing (often referred to as Space Clearing) is a method of removing negative energy from the home or workplace. Negative energy is replaced with positive energy and positive vibrations.


The time it takes to cleanse an area will depend on the size and number of rooms involved.

The process may be repeated as often as needed. Once a week, once every two weeks, once a month. It may be tailored to suit your personal needs. Initially the process may have to be repeated once a week for the first month at which point, a schedule may then be set up.

Book an Environmental Cleansing Session just once and feel the difference. If you are an energy-sensitive person, you will most likely feel a difference immediately.

For landlords who have just had an "undesirable tenant" move out, Environmental Cleansing is a wonderful way to clear negative energy from your rental property and prepare it for a new, prospective tenant. For home owners wishing to sell their property, Environmental Cleansing is a great way to be sure your prospective buyers will feel positive vibrations and positive energy when they enter your residence.

Environmental Cleansing can be performed in any area of the home or office you wish.

Book An Appointment Today

To book an Environmental Cleansing Session, please contact Inner Focus at (604) 985-7302 or send an e-mail. Pricing is listed on the rates page.

Learn Environmental Cleansing

Learn Environmental Cleansing at an Inner Focus Workshop. Please visit the training page for more information and visit the schedule page for workshop dates.

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