Inner Focus Holistic Healing utilizes crystal healing properties of crystals and gemstones for Reiki Sessions, Reiki Treatments, Reiki Training Classes, Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing. Gallery 5 covers gemstones beginning with the letters S and T.

Sugilite Activates and balances the brain hemispheres. Strengthens the heart and aids in the physical healing and purification of bodily functions. Sugilite can reduce stress and turn higher spiritual awareness into physical reality. Strengthens spirituality, channelling and psychic ability. Associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.   Topaz Clears and heals your auric body while balancing the energy that flows in your physical body. An empathetic stone which can shield your auric energy from negative influences during times of crisis. Allows you to tap into your own inner resources for strength while calming the nervous system. A good stone for relaxation and meditation.
Tanzanite A calming stone which is ideal for use when your life becomes extremely busy, disorganized or chaotic. Tanzanite can help to bring your life back into balance. One of the most powerful stones used for helping to connect the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.   Turquoise Strengthens the whole body providing protection from harm. Focused on the Throat Chakra, this stone assists with communication by promoting the ability to speak clearly, honestly and from the heart. Sacred to both Native American and Oriental traditions.
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye is the stone of perception. It creates a bridge between the earth and the sky since it is closely attuned to earth energies and linked to the sun. It represents a balance between the physical and the spiritual. Promotes psychic abilities and allows us to see the importance of acceptance while giving us to the ability to let go of the past.    
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