You are very independent. You dislike restraint of any kind and require freedom from all encumbrances. It is very important for you to express your strong individuality. You are here on this earth to build your own unique personality and this can be done only by exercising your will.

As a result of expressing your free will, you become a dominant force in any group to which you belong. You are a natural leader and others will look to you for guidance and strength. You will most likely be at the head of your organization, as a business executive or a supervisor. You need to be first and best at whatever you do in life. Because you have a pioneering instinct, you are usually first. Because you have the courage to assert yourself, you are often the best. You may be a loner in some respects simply because your assertiveness tends to alienate you. With the exception of emotionally secure or dependent types of people. You learn to make your own decisions and stand by them regardless of what other people think.


Your leadership qualities set you apart and you are aware of the weight of this responsibility. Because you are always seeking new experiences and initiating new schemes, you will meet many new and different kinds of people in your lifetime. If you are a negative 1, you tend to have an overpowering ego which causes you to be arrogant, selfish and even uncaring. You have no regard for another person's point of view and no feelings for others. Your stubbornness in pursuing your own path regardless how it effects others sets up a series of events that will lead you to failure and loneliness.

If you are a positive 1 and intellectually developed, you are quite original. Your keen, penetrating mind seeks many lines of expression and your talents can manifest if you work as an inventor, designer or leader in any creative field. Your inventiveness allows you to solve problems creatively and constructively. This process will make you a skillful individual who expresses definite views positively. You are the pioneer setting out into the wilderness to carve a new life for yourself.

This information is provided by Inner Focus Holistic Healing which helps you with Learning Reiki in Vancouver.

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