The number 2 suggests more than one, and you as a vibration 2, are very conscious of others around you as opposed to only being aware of yourself. Because you are socially aware of people, you tend to gather ideas and experience through others, therefore you would be a good diplomat, go-between, mediator or peacemaker. Your best service is through cooperation for your mild and gentle nature is appreciated and welcomed by all sides.

You are not at all a forceful person. You prefer to stay quietly in the background. Because you are extremely aware of pairs of opposites, you find choices difficult. By choosing to remain unobtrusive and discreet, you sometimes avoid making decisions. This quality could be a liability but you can make it an asset by becoming an arbitrator. Your ability to see both sides of a situation, coupled with your sincerity, is a winning combination.


Your ability to detach yourself and see separateness gives your creative and inventive potentials room to grow. The number 2 also implies symmetry and reflection. Your imaginative powers are increased because you can see hidden aspects of beauty in life. When we look out into the world, we see what is in front of us and to the sides but we cannot see behind us without turning around. You however, seem to look into reality seeing every detail, even those behind you which can generally only be seen with the mirror. You, as a vibration 2, possess the all-seeing eye.

If you are a negative 2, you will lack self-confidence. You will be afraid to make decisions. You can be deceitful or two-faced and you are oversensitive and easily depressed if your surroundings are unhappy.

If you are a positive 2, you can be of great service to others because of your ability to settle situations amicably. You may well become the power behind the throne.

This information is provided by Inner Focus Holistic Healing, a Reiki Clinic in Vancouver.

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