3 is the number of the performing arts -- you are definitely a performer. You love life, social contacts and entertainment along with new experiences. Your bright active nature radiates around you like the sun warming the lives of others. Your ease with people draws them to you like a magnet. You will always have many admirers.

You are a very expressive person. You should develop your skill with words and cultivate the art of conversation because you can influence others through your ability to communicate about life. You do this in a grandiose fashion. Develop and use your talents for entertaining and communicating. You could do well as an artist, teacher, lawyer, judge, writer, nurse, pastor or priest.

Travel will play an important role in your life because you need to become involved in many experiences and investigate new opportunities. Your thinking is broad minded and all-encompassing because of your varied interests. You like to entertain, to be on stage so to speak. You like to live the good life.


Recognition is important to you and you need to know you are appreciated. You are aware of your appearance and like to wear nice clothes because performing depends on how you look and project yourself.

A negative 3 does everything in an exaggerated way -- eating, drinking, loving and living. You can be self-indulgent and extravagance could be your downfall. You overreact and exaggerate situations, turning small problems into big problems. Your friendships will be superficial. You may try to avoid responsibility and live just for the moment. Too much talk may make you a gossip. As a 3, try to learn not to spread yourself too thin as this is an easy trap to fall into with your many talents and interests. Try focus on one talent and master it.

As a positive 3, you will be very lucky in speculative matters -- investing, gambling and taking chances in general. You will have many lucky opportunities through your friends who are most eager to assist you in every way. Your luck is derived from your positive, outgoing attitude which induces people to want to help you.

This information is provided by Inner Focus Holistic Healing, a Vancouver Reiki Clinic.

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