The number 4 and the four-sided square are symbolically synonymous. As a child, you spent time in a square crib or playpen. When you grew older, you drew pictures of the square house in which you and your family lived. You played with square blocks and most likely romped in a square yard. Although the perimeters of your world grew as you matured, the boundaries still defined the extent to which you could personally expand. Because these boundaries protected you from harm, the square became embedded in your subconscious as a symbol of security and structure. A comfortable, productive and organized system in which to live and survive.

The earth was formed on the fourth day of Creation therefore, symbolically, all earthly things come under a 4. As the recipient/owner of this vibration, you are a very creative builder. An individual who puts form and structure into life. You build tangible objects because you need to see visible results from your efforts. Carpenters, masons, draftsmen and all the building trades come under a vibration 4.

You are a very good worker. Employers can rely upon your stability, steadiness, honesty and sense of responsibility. You are the salt-of-the-earth type. You realize the importance of a sound foundation upon which you will build your future. By honoring the traditions of the past, you reinforce your sense of security in the present and the future.


Your naturally cautious, industrious nature makes you a saver not a spender. You are a patient planner and you insist that your finances be organized. Because of this gift, you would be a good banker or financier. Law, order and regulation are keywords for a 4. You very highly respect supervision and control -- many 4's work in government or law, the foundations of society. Such occupations require insight and the ability to examine situations and make judgments based upon reason, all of which you, as a 4, are extremely capable of doing.

A 4's insight is based on sound reasoning, thus this number produces the inventor/creator who creates practical objects for the home or business. This ability also manifests itself in gardening, farming, mining and geology -- occupations which produce valuable products from the earth.

A negative 4 can be a "workaholic" whose strict and sterile outlook makes life an endless plodding drudgery. You can be stingy, unfriendly and alone, boxed in by secure walls of your own making which protect you from the outside world but also prevent you from enjoying relationships with others. This person feels limited and restrained because of a fearful need for security.

As a positive 4, you have the ability to build a useful world through sound reasoning, where your hard work and patient perseverance will benefit others in a very tangible way.

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