You are an artistic person with a fine eye for symmetry and beauty. You find music and art very relaxing, rewarding and necessary for your happiness. If you choose a career outside of the home, the creative arts would be an ideal field. Your natural analytical ability allows you to go right to the core of any matter and solve problems easily and logically. Your keen perception and sense of justice would be assets for professional pursuits in law and counseling. Others who sense your honesty and fairness may seek you out to help them settle differences they have encountered. You are a responsible person who meets obligations and deadlines. You can be depended upon to follow through on anything you promise.

6 is the domestic vibration indicating that you love your home and children. You may have married young in order to obtain the love you need. A woman with this number is likely to be a homemaker. She will be very protective of her family and prefers to be at home rather than going out to work for a living. One reason for her reluctance to go out into the world is her need for peace and harmony -- this is important for all 6's. A beautiful, artistically decorated home is very important for you. You enjoy decorating and making your surroundings attractive. You like comfort and peace and will not tolerate discord. You enjoy entertaining in your own home and you are a charming host or hostess.


You really love and honor your friends. You are concerned and sympathetic to their needs. If they require help, you generously offer whatever you have and because of your generosity, kindness, patience and tolerance, you have many friends.

Consideration for others is basic to your personality. You regard other people's happiness and rewards as your own. You do not like jealousy and cannot understand it when other people react that way. In spite of your strong desire for a peaceful existence, you will fight for your beliefs against all odds. This determination can bring you success and fame in whatever profession you choose.

A negative 6 can be very obstinate and stubborn. You may become a slave to your loved ones who will use you as a doormat if you allow them to. You may bury yourself in your home -- becoming a recluse. If you feel you have been denied the love you so desperately need, you will feel sorry for yourself. You will complain, whine and indulge in self-pity. You may become discontented and jealous in which case, you will play the martyr.

As a positive 6, you can be a tremendous power for good. You can bring joy, love, beauty and a sense of justice into other people's lives.

This information is provided by Barb Weston of Inner Focus Holistic Healing, a Reiki Instructor in Vancouver.

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