You are a philosopher and a dreamer -- greatly attracted to the mystical side of life. Your clairvoyant and psychic abilities are natural to you. You will develop the intuitive, introspective side of your personality. Your psychic hunches often foretell of future events. If you decide to develop your psychic gift, you can use it for the benefit of others.

For you, the material world is easy to leave behind and in doing so, you turn to the world of mind and thought. It is in that realm that you learn to enclose yourself behind secret walls. Your creative imagination roams freely there and music and poetry lift your spirits high and transcend you to other spaces. Often, you are called a loner because of your self-imposed periods of isolation. Of all the numbers, you as a 7 vibration could most easily remain single. In fact, many 7's live as hermits or recluses and never marry. When it comes to carrying out your own ideas, you can be very determined. It is a fact that no one "really" knows you.

Orthodox religious beliefs generally do not offer you enough spiritual substance therefore, you will search for your own individual belief system. Some 7's however, do stay with their church and rise to positions of great power. Pythagorus considered 7 to be the most sacred of all numbers and his students took their vows or obligations by the number 7. In ancient days, a child born under the number 7 was placed in the temple soon after birth to become a priest or priestess. Today 7's are found in the higher echelons of the church or as leaders in mystical circles where they gain spiritual realization and become masters.

As a 7, you are a highly perceptive person who understands human nature. When you meet someone, you are not often fooled by their outer personality, but seem to scan their inner motives at once.


This ability sometimes makes people uneasy when they realize you can see right through them.

You become close friends with words since you understand their protective, preserving and influential power. You are a cultured and studious person. This studious nature is enhanced and broadened by change and travel which you love. Your mind eagerly absorbs the information you derive from contact with foreign lands and cultures. You prefer living in the country where you can lead a leisurely life in a dignified and conservative atmosphere . You are not a city dweller. You require periods of quiet contemplation necessary for your mental development.

You seem to be innately aware that all people have their own distinct vibrations which are transmitted to anything they touch. Knowing this, you would never wear someone else's clothes, second hand or borrowed. Nor would you let anyone else wear yours. Although you have good business ideas, you should not enter into the business field, because you seldom carry out those ideas. You are methodical in keeping with the rhythm of the 7 which rules periodicity in nature.

Unselfishness, compassion and dedication are qualities you should develop. You have an idea of what the world should be and when the world does not conform to your ideal, you may become frustrated and depressed. In general, you dislike advice and others find it hard to convince you of things because your mind is so individualistic.

A negative 7 is gloomy. Your disappointment in the outer world drives you to a lonely existence where you become a hermit or recluse and shut out the people who cannot live up to your ideals. However, by using your will and by gaining control of your tremendous mental powers, you can be a vehicle for good in a world that desperately needs what you have to offer -- a sound creative mind.

This information is provided by Barb Weston of Inner Focus Holistic Healing, a Reiki Trainer in Vancouver.

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