Born for service to others, you want to make the world a better place in which to live. You are a humanitarian and universalist who thinks in abstract terms. Since 9 is the last single digit, it indicates attainment, perfection and completion -- the seeds for new beginnings and the foundation for future growth in the next or higher cycle.

Through your responsive reaching out to the world, you become a beacon for others. You have a thirst for spiritual knowledge and an urge for freedom and wisdom that transcends personal needs. You desire to live an ideal life according to your inspirations and aspirations.

The number 9 is a testing number and the higher you evolve, the more difficulties you may encounter. Be tolerant of and merciful to others on your path. In this way, you will be an example for them. They will recognize your sympathetic and compassionate nature and will be drawn to you for your deep and broad understanding.

Because of your openness, your psychic abilities are well developed. Foresight, premonitions and predictions flow from you with ease. Your thinking is vast and without limits. You seem to have a direct line to the mysteries of life. You have very strong emotions and feelings. You could evolve a new philosophy for humanity.

For anyone who needs your wisdom and guidance, you are openhanded because you realize knowledge belongs to those who seek it. You are generous and idealistic. Charitable work is close to your heart and you are likely to be a patron of the arts and sciences.


Your relationships with other people in your life are intense but not necessarily enduring. You must learn to let friends go when their needs have been filled. Your destiny is to be a loner -- a sort of recluse. Not that you are meant to sit alone meditating on a mountaintop, but your innate wisdom and understanding separate you from the crowd. You must share your wisdom to enlighten the world. You cannot be bound by enduring ties that would limit your mobility. You easily acquire money and independence so that you are free to pursue your worldly destiny. Your life cycle includes travel and associations with famous personalities who will be drawn to you by your free spirit and broad compassion. Your friendship encompasses the world.

If you are a negative 9, you are self-serving and concerned with your own needs rather than the needs of others. This self-indulgence precludes belief in a higher source and can result in faithlessness. When crossed, you are quick tempered. Your keen mind makes you a formidable enemy. Since 9's have to live up to a higher standard than the other numbers, the resulting tension can cause nervous troubles. This can produce unhappy relations with others including your mate.

It is said in The Sacred Science of Numbers, "...the 9 individual has run the gamut of personal experiences, including both the high and the low, the mundane and the spiritual. It is the synthesis of these experiences which produces that sympathy, compassion and rare understanding which is characteristic of the 9..." Using the enhancing qualities of your number 9, you can be the visionary for whom all things are possible. Your faith in life embraces all and looks forward to evolution as the promise of the spirit.

This information is provided by Barb Weston of Inner Focus Holistic Healing who can help you to Learn Reiki in Vancouver.

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